We are looking for experienced web developers

We are looking for experienced people to join our team in Helsinki. Send a message to jobs@kodan.fi and let’s meet at breakfast, lunch or by a glass of wine or beer.

Why work with us?

Be part of everything. At Kodan, you can change things and be part of the decision making as much as you want. We are creating the best possible work environment for us - and the best possible partner for our clients. You can also join the “Winter in Spain” co-operative society that owns a big part of the company.

Build something of your own. We build digital services for our clients but we also encourage our people to bring forth their own ideas. When you come up with a brilliant idea, you can use Kodan as a platform to launch it!

Bring yourself to work. We want to know our colleagues. Our employees are real persons with their own interests and quirks - not just resources, titles or job descriptions.

Enjoy the transparency. At Kodan we keep everything as transparent as we can. All the key figures, salaries and plans are accessible to everyone - this way we make sure that everyone can take part and contribute.

Enjoy the benefits. We have competitive salaries and all the benefits you would expect from an IT company. We also have extensive dental care and insurance benefits.


What we look for?

We are looking for people who are interested in building great digital services. Technologies you master or the big words you can list are not that important to us. What is important to us, is that you are motivated to:

  • be a part of a team

  • constantly learn new things

  • develop and adapt to smart ways of working

  • spread your knowledge and ideas

Here is a list of some of the buzzwords we are currently working with: Clojure, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Node.js, Angular, React, React Native, Swift, AWS, Azure, Bluemix, Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes.


How to apply?

Send a message to jobs@kodan.fi and let’s meet at breakfast, lunch or by a glass of wine or beer. 

You can send your message both in English or in Finnish.

We are eagerly waiting for your message!