Solutions for good

We work with companies that want to make a difference through technology.

Our customers often work with highly complex multi-vendor setups. They typically require impeccable project delivery in the form of precision, persistence and uncompromising attention to detail. As an independent boutique-sized player, we adapt to these working models with ease and take care of our share and more.

Selected references



Recovery meets mobile development

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Hero image for Wertti case


Disrupting the insurance industry in Finland

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Case Lokitime: Key image


Creating the #1 key management software in Finland

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Case Keva: Key image


Design for improved working life

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Case Undisclosed: Key image

Undisclosed client:

Data team finds success by working with software developers

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Case Mesensei: Key image


Streamlining Mesensei's development processes

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Case Topaasia: Key image


How we helped to successfully digitize a card game for a wider audience

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Case DIAS: Key im

Tomorrow Tech:

Digitalising traditional property sales

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